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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Windows ME Compatible?


Can you tell me whether QuickBooks Pro 2005 - PN 284456 is compatible with Windows Millennium Edition - I've heard yes and no and really don't want to upgrade my operating system .


According to the QuickBooks website, 2005 is not compatible with Windows ME...So I would be leery of installing on that machine.

I had a machine a few years ago with ME on it, and I had considerable problems with it (Not with QB's though).

Has anyone used QuickBooks 2005 with Windows ME?

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Anonymous said...

While I realize you don't want to upgrade your OS - Windows ME is no longer supported by MS and was (admitted by MS internally) one of the worst PC OS versions they ever released. Your best bet overall is to upgrade to at least Win 2000 or better yet, XP - your PC experience will overall be better in so many ways.