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Friday, August 12, 2005

Help Needed.


Hello, I sure hope that someone can help me. I'm using QuickBooks Pro 2001. My problem is that: in my (Item Listing List) I set it up to automatically type a sentence (the body text of an invoice) that corresponds with a certain number in the item field in an invoice. For example: by typing in 01. example text, 02. example text, 03. example text...appears in the DISCRIPTION field. But for some reason, when I type the following numbers (03., 04., 10.,15. and 35.) The next entry automatically does a (double space) and nothing I try allows me to change this to single space. All other numbers single spaces to the next line. I hope that I have explained my problem well enough, and look forward to a quick response. If you are unable to help me, I would deeply appreciate a referral to someone who may be able to help.


Without seeing exactly what is happening, it is hard for me to give you a good answer. Here are a few things that I would try.

The first thing that I would do is go into the item setup (Lists - Item List - Edit Item) and compare one of the items that is working the way that you want it to with one that is causing problems. Conventional wisdom would tell you that there must be a difference somewhere.

Also check the descriptions in the setup carefully. Sometimes you can accidentally key an additional Enter (Return) at the end of a sentence. So go to the end of your description and hit the delete key several times.

I hope this helps. Like I said, this may be one of those things that you would need to see to fix. If you still need help, consider finding a QuickBooks ProAdvisor in your area or check with your CPA. Click here to search the ProAdvisor Database.

Help Needed.


Help! We are and aerial survey company and we give volume discounts on certain products and I cannot see a way in QB2005 Pro to set up volume discounts or any discounts with arbitrary controls tied to the item not the customer. To be specific, we give a discounted per negative charge based on the number of units sold. We also have an up charge per negative for high altitude photography. Each of these has several levels based on how high or how many.


This sounds like a very interesting business. I did some research on this, and I am not able to determine a way for QuickBooks to calculate discounts based on a formula. If this is something that is very important to you (like thousands of dollars important) you could look into getting a more robust accounting program where a programmer could input a formula to do this.

Assuming that you don’t want to spend tons of money, but you still want to show your customers that they are getting a discount because of the volume of their business you can set-up a discount item. To do this:

1. Go to Lists - Item List

2. Select New Item.

3. When it asks for a type...choose discount, and the account that you want discounts to show up in.

4. Write a description of the discount that you want to show up on your invoice.

5. I would leave the amount/percentage blank, so that you can adjust based on your volume formula.

Sorry that it took so ling, and that I wasn't more help.

Printing Bank Information on Checks in QuickBooks.

I'm having trouble getting my bank account and routing number to print out on my checks. Is there a certain way to enter this?


Unfortunately, QuickBooks will not let you print the bank information on blank check stock or plain paper. If you want to print checks with QuickBooks you will need to order checks from Intuit or some other supply company that offers QuickBooks formatted checks.

READ THIS POST - Applying Credits.


I am new at QuickBooks. The A/P department before me had entered some credits on different vendors. Why does the credit show on the vendor unpaid detail list. Were the credits entered incorrectly?


This is a common problem. I was discussing this with someone the other day.

The problem is that when you enter a credit...or issue a credit memo QuickBooks will show the amount in the balance, but it will not apply the credit.

All that you need to do is to apply the credit to the bill that the credit was issued on. Follow these steps:

1. In the Unpaid Bills Detail Report, you should have both a bill and a credit that cancel each other out in terms of balance. Make a note of the bill information.

2. Open your pay bills screen (Vendor - Pay Bills). Make sure that the radio button is checked so that all bills are displayed.

3. Place a checkmark beside the bill that you noted earlier.

4. Down at the bottom of the pay bills screen, you should have a button titled "Set Credits". Click on that button and apply the credit to the bill in question.

I hope this helps everyone reading, because I have yet to see a QuickBooks file that didn't have this issue at least once.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Entering and Paying Bills.


Thanks for your answer, perhaps I am trying to do the wrong thing here. What I need to do is show the invoice numbers of each invoice I am paying along with the amount on the voucher. I typically pay 3 or more invoices to a vendor with one check. Is there a way to do this?



I must have misunderstood. What you seek to do is definitely possible. (However, the invoice information will print on the voucher not in the memo section of the check). I do it many times myself. Here is the process that you should follow.

When you receive bills, you should enter them in the QuickBooks Bills screen (Vendors - Enter Bills). When you are entering them, be sure to enter the Invoice number in the "Reference #" field.

When you pay your bills (Vendors - Pat Bills), you can select multiple invoices for the same vendor and only one check will print. On the voucher however, will be the reference number that you entered along with the amount of each individual invoice.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Printing Memos on Check Vouchers.


I’m using QB pro 2005 and printing voucher checks for bill paying. I fill in the memo field, not the one on the picture of the check but the lines below in the register portion after the account and amount. When my checks print the memo information does not print. Is there a way to do this? I cannot find one.

Thanks for your help,


As I understand it, the memo that is on the face of the check is the only one that will print on the check or the voucher. The memo section in the account split section is purely for your (and your accountants) information. This allows you to put your account number in the memo section (like you would on a bill payment), but still allows you to put more detailed explanations that you might not want on the face of the check.

Trouble Emailing Invoices.


I wonder if you can help me. Twice a month I need to e-mail my invoices via QuickBooks Basic 2004. Sometimes the invoices go right out without a problem. Usually, however, I encounter various error messages and most often the whole QuickBooks program gets kicked off and shut down before it even connects to the QuickBooks server. I have to try over and over and over to get my invoices to go out. Eventually, I'll get them out, but it is really a time-consuming chore to I worry the entire time that I'm not going to get the invoices out.

Do you know of any other way to attach an invoice in QuickBooks to an e-mail I can just send via my Comcast account? I read somewhere that someone uses WinFax to send their invoices, but I don't know how to get WinFax listed in my list of printer choices (apparently this is how WinFax opens to send the invoice by e-mail from within WinFax.).

Any suggestions are very much appreciated. This has been going on for a very long time and causes me a lot of stress anytime I get ready to send invoices!

Thank you!


It sounds like their may be a problem other than QuickBooks here. QuickBooks should not shutdown while trying to email may be conflicting with another program.

In any case, it is possible to email invoices outside of QuickBooks. I am not familiar with WinFax, but I have used it shows up as a printer in QuickBooks after I installed it.

If you have Adobe Acrobat (Not Acrobat Reader) it will allow you to print to a PDF file which can be emailed and read by the recipient via Acrobat Reader. I know Acrobat can be a bit pricey, but it really can do a lot. Other programs also include a print driver that will convert your invoices to PDF.

I Lost the Installation CD.


I have a new computer and would like to install QB’s on the new laptop. Unfortunately, I’ve lost the installation CD. Is there anyway to install QB’s from one computer to another w/out the installation CD?



I know that there is a way to transfer all your old programs from your old computer to your new one with a crossover cable (Assuming both your old and new computer have NIC cards).

I apologize, but I am not an expert in networking. I sure that you know someone that would be able to help you.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Merging Files.


Help! I have 2004 info on one computer while 2005 data has been entered on another. I want to merge the two without overriding any of the data.

Let me explain further;
I have some 2004 info on one computer and prior data from 2004 and before as well as 2005 data on another how can I merge the two without overriding and destroying it?

Please let me know if you can help ASAP. If this can't be done, my only alternative will be to re-enter 2005 year to date info.


I am sorry, but there is no way that I am aware of to merge transactions from one file to another. You will need to reenter the transactions, or you can move balances by using a journal entry.