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Friday, September 16, 2005

Emailing Invoices.


To email invoices and statements do you have to purchase something additional besides having QuickBooks premier?


No, QuickBooks Premier includes this function for invoices and statements.

To email invoices, find the invoice you are interested in so that it is on the screen. On the menu bar next to print, there is a button that says "Send". Click "Send" and follow the instructions.

Also you can send multiple invoices in one step by selecting "Send Batch".

To email Statements, follow these instructions:

If you have more than one customer to send statements to, you can have QuickBooks send the statements out in a single batch.

1. From the Customers menu, select Create Statements.

2. Select the customers that you want to create statements for.

3. Click View Selected Customers to verify your selection.

4. Click E-mail.

5. In the Select Forms to Send window, make changes as necessary.

6. Click Send Now.

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QBblogger said...

I assume you are using Multi- User Mode?

Here's what QuickBooks says: "In multi-user mode, each user must have permission to access the Business Services account. If the preferences on your computer are set to log in without a password, you will not be able to log in using only an e-mail address, nor will you be able to set up new login information."

Try emailing the invoice in single user mode first (File - Switch to Single User Mode. Make sure everyone is out of QuickBooks). (If no one has emailed an invoice yet, you will go through a tutorial where they try to sell you a stepped up billing service, but it us not necessary to email invoices.)

Computer Service Company said...

I have a similar problem in Quickbooks Pro Services '05. After searching Intuit's KB, I found that only users setup as an "administrator" were able to use the email function. Any user setup with a limited account (user roles) must use the business services login through intuit's website. Aside from granting everyone "admin" permission (!!!), I have NOT found a solution to the emailing limitation. Additionally, I WAS able to utilize the email function regardless of single-user or multi-user. Unfortunately, Intuit is well known for their poor software coding in regards to user permissions/restrictions within Windows and their software! If you're a sys admin, check out

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