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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Help to Find Invoices.


Is there any way to search for a specific invoice without having to click through every invoices to find the one you want?


Yes, QuickBooks has made it very easy to locate invoices. Simply open the “Create Invoices” screen and right click on any of the open white space (not on a field). Then select “Find Invoices…”

From here you will be able to search by customer/job, date ranges, invoice numbers, and amounts.

You will find right clicking to be a very intuitive way to find commands in QuickBooks.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

No Questions?

I haven't received any questions for a while, so everything must be going well.

Here is something to waste time while looking productive. (Just make sure your sound is off)

Thanks to American Express for providing such a great advertisement.

By the way, American express business cards integrate nicely with QuickBooks software. Amex business cards also come with "OPEN for Business" which gives you savings at FedEx, Ruby Tuesdays, Staples and other business locations. Well worth the $75.00 fee (Gold).

If you travel a lot go with the Platinum card especially if you fly Delta. There is nothing like lounging in the Crown room instead of listening to the screaming babies at the gate.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bank Account Problem.


When I go to write a check, the balance does not match the ending balance in my check register for the same account. Where should I look for the discrepancy?


My first question is…are you reconciling your bank account monthly? (Banking – Reconcile)

If not you should be. This is the most effective way to ensure that your bank account balance is accurate.

Another thing that you can do is print a Quick Report of the bank account in question. (Reports – Company& Financial – Balance Sheet Standard – Double click bank account and adjust dates to a wide range.) This will allow you to see all the transactions in that account over a period of time, and compare it with your bank statement.

Many times the discrepancy can be attributed to an incorrectly dated check, so I would start there.