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Friday, September 16, 2005

Bank of America Problem


I have several independent accounts set up in QuickBooks Pro 2004. I have been connecting to my bank via QuickBooks and downloading processed checks.

Recently, I got the message, “Your last on line connection was not completed. QuickBooks is having a problem recovering from this condition. Please contact Tech Support for on line banking.

I don’t get this message with all of my accounts. What happened?

I have contacted Bank Of America and they can’t help.


I have gotten several variations of this question over the last few days. The common thread in all of them is Bank of America. I have not seen any question where another bank was involved.

It would seem then that either BOA is not sending the data properly or they are using a format that doesn't "agree" with QuickBooks.

I would keep pestering BOA to see if they can provide an answer. The key may be to find a support representative that speaks English and resides in one of the 50 states as opposed to Bangalore.

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