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Friday, September 16, 2005

Backup Problem.


I have backed up a company file to a cd. It won't open because it says it's a read only, change file to read-writable. I can't figure out how to do this-- please help! Need info on new computer.




When you do a back-up in QuickBooks, it creates a .qbb file (for QuickBooks Backup) the working file uses a .qbw extension (for QuickBooks Working file).

Many people have this problem because they try and "use" the .qbb file.

What you need to do is go into QuickBooks and select Restore (File - Restore).

When the Restore window opens select the .qbb file from your CD in the upper box. In the lower box select where you want the new .qbw file to be located (on your new computer).

If this is the process that you followed, and you are still getting a read only error, then the backup may b corrupted and you will need to make a new one. Sometimes a USB drive works better than a CD.


Anonymous said...

Most likely what's happened here is that when a file is written to a CD, it is written as 'Read-only' because it cannot be written to anymore. The thing to do is, copy the file from the CD to you hard drive (desktop or any other folder)and restore it from there. If you still get the 'Read-only' error msg., right click the file and select properties. Uncheck the 'Read-only' attribute and you're good to go.

coy55boy said...
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