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Friday, September 16, 2005

Reimburseing Employees.

I am very new to QuickBooks, but I have to ask this question.

How do I record a payment to an employee when that employee submits an expense report for expense he incurred on behalf of the company. Mileage or office supplies for example. Is the employee just a vendor just like any other. Thanks.

Carol in Augusta Maine


In this case, your employee is in essence a vendor. However, if you are writing them a check, you don't have to set them up as a vendor if they are already an employee.

Simply bring up the check screen. Select the name of your employee and write the check as you normally would...classifying the reimbursement to the proper account.

Note: After selecting the name of the employee, you may get a message that says something like: "To pay employees, use the pay employee’s screen." If you are writing a reimbursement check only and not actually paying the employee...just cancel this message and proceed with the instructions above.

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