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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Duplicate Deposits in the Check Register


Found your blog site and thought I would get advice,

1- Our small co. has a duplicate deposit that it seems QuickBooks will not allow me to delete from the QB check registry

2- Three of the first deposits were made, however still show in the undeposited funds, when we try to remove them they end up as deposited again, thus the balance of the registry doubles the original deposit.

QB Pro2005

Any/All advice would be appreciated


These types of questions are always hard to answer without seeing the problem. One thing to remember is that you must always trace the documents back to the source to delete it. For example, you can’t just delete a deposit; the problem may be with how you applied the payments or the you need to find the source of the problem. Without seeing it I don’t know where that problem is. If worst comes to worst, you could recreate the invoice and redo the whole process for that deposit, or make a journal entry. If you use a journal entry please be careful, because you can cause many headaches for your accountant in December.

Believe me...that’s not what he needs then.

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