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Friday, August 05, 2005

Networking Question.


The computer we have our quickbooks on is networked to others using windows xp pro peer to peer networking. That computer serves many tasks, and sometimes we have to arm wrestle for access time to that station. What would be involved in accessing quickbooks from another network computer? Only one person would need access to quickbooks at a time. Do I need to buy a second copy of quickbooks for the second computer even though it would not truly be multi-user, just multi access?


Using peer to peer networking isn't ideal for an office with more than 2 people in my opinion. I think that you should look at a simple server in the will be glad you did.

Under your current situation, I believe you can locate your company file on any machine that is accessable to your network. Just backup your file and restore it to the new location.

Any user with access to the new location should be able to access the file. As for how many copies of QuickBooks you will need, any computer that will need access to your company file will have to have its own copy of QuickBooks even though you are not accessing the file at the same time. However, even though you may not need to be in the file at the same time, you should be able to if the need arises (As long as all of the computers accessing have the same version of QuickBooks).

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