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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Emailing Invoices/Statements.


I have a customer who uses QuickBooks pro 2003, they have 3 accounts one is the administrator. When the email icon is clicked on the administrator account to send an invoice/ statement...not very familiar with QuickBooks here.....then it sends, but on the other users accounts it just freezes after being clicked until escape is pressed twice, I’m off to see this customer at 1:00pm here tomorrow and could really use the help Thanks.


It sounds like a problem with the user privileges. To check this, go to Company, - Set up Users. When the box opens select one of the users that has a problem. Go to “Edit User”. Now check the rights under “Sales and Accounts Receivable” see if they have the ability to create and print.(Emailing would be viewed like printing I believe).

This is the only thing that I could think of in QuickBooks that might affect your ability to email. I am especially led to think this because the Administrator doesn’t have this problem. You said they have to hit “Esc” twice…the screens that they are escaping from may also provide some insight.

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