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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lost QuickBooks Installation Code.


I am a senior citizen who makes a little money doing bookkeeping for friends. I bought QuickBooks pro for Mac 2004 last year and have now got around to installing it. I cannot find the installation codes or the receipt. Naturally QuickBooks will not help me. Any ideas? I remember it cost me around $200.00 and I hate to waste the money. I also have done a lot of work on it.


Usually, the installation code is on the CD jacket. If you have lost it, I am not even sure that Intuit can help you as every disk has a unique code. So as I see it, you have two choices... 1. Try again to find the CD jacket. 2. Purchase QuickBooks again.

Also, I don’t know exactly what you meant when you said “I have done a lot of work on it”. However, if you buy a new copy of QuickBooks you will be able to use your old files as long as the version of QuickBooks is the same or newer than the version that the files were created on.

Sorry, that I couldn't be more helpful. If any other readers have other ideas please post them.

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