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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Entering and Paying Bills.


Thanks for your answer, perhaps I am trying to do the wrong thing here. What I need to do is show the invoice numbers of each invoice I am paying along with the amount on the voucher. I typically pay 3 or more invoices to a vendor with one check. Is there a way to do this?



I must have misunderstood. What you seek to do is definitely possible. (However, the invoice information will print on the voucher not in the memo section of the check). I do it many times myself. Here is the process that you should follow.

When you receive bills, you should enter them in the QuickBooks Bills screen (Vendors - Enter Bills). When you are entering them, be sure to enter the Invoice number in the "Reference #" field.

When you pay your bills (Vendors - Pat Bills), you can select multiple invoices for the same vendor and only one check will print. On the voucher however, will be the reference number that you entered along with the amount of each individual invoice.

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