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Friday, April 23, 2010

Why are Payments in the Wrong Bank Account?


I run two bank accounts in Quickbooks. One was only active for 1 month, June 2009. I have invoices showing up randomly in that check registry. I have not used that bank account since June 2009 yet I have invoices showing up in that registry in Feb 2010. Any idea how an invoice would show up in the check registry?
Thank you


First understand that invoices don't post in the check register, the payments do. Therefore it appears that the applied payments are being posted to the wrong bank account.
There are two places where you choose the bank account for customer payments (depending on whether or not you use the Undeposited Funds option):

1. If you use Undeposited Funds - Go to "Make Deposits", select the payments you are applying in the dialog box and say OK. Now notice in the upper left hand corner there is a "Deposit To" drop down box. Make sure that the correct bank account is selected.

2. If you do NOT use Undeposited Funds - Go to "Receive Payments". Again there is a "Deposit To" drop down box. Make sure that the correct bank account is selected.
Just a suggestion. If you have closed this bank account, you can keep this from happening in the future by making the unused account inactive. Inactive accounts will no longer be an option in the "Deposit To" boxes. To make any account inactive in QuickBooks, open the Chart of Accounts, right click on the desired account, and select "Make Account Inactive". This is better than deleting an account because it can be reversed later if needed. 

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QBblogger said...

I received this reply:

That is the funny thing. When I click "Check Register" on my QB home screen and it ask me which account, I drop down to the Progressive Bank register. It opens this register as requested. BUT, it is loaded with line items listed as "INV" and the amount is deducted form the register balance. I click these line items and the actual invoice copy opens and shows paid. You are exactly right, invoices do not post to check register but these are. That is why I am at such a loss.

I will also say, I am using Vista. Enough said? I have downloaded the patch and will see if this occurs again in the future but I am still having to manually delete these invoices so that they are removed from the registry and reload them again. One at a time. And QB? They are so unsympathetic. Unless of course I pay them an absorbadent hourly rate to tell me it cant happen.

Thank you Sir for your time and the service that you provide.

Has anyone else had this problem?