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Friday, June 10, 2005

My Font Size "Magically" Changed.


I turned on my computer this morning only to find that all my settings had been “magically” changed overnight. When opening QuickBooks, the font displayed on my desktops is about a size 8. Every place that I found to change the font already shows it being at my original default setting of size 11. But that’s not what is displaying. I did a couple virus scans and restarted my computer but nothing helps. What am I missing? Thanks!


Don't you love it when settings "magically" change. It sounds to me that it is a problem with your screen resolution settings rather than QuickBooks. Do all the other programs display text correctly? If so then you may have a virus or some other problem. Check with your network administrator.

It is obvious from your question that you found where to change the display settings. For the benefit of everyone else, here is a quote from the QuickBooks Help screen dealing with how to change screen resolution and font size in Microsoft Windows.

"From QuickBooks, you can open the Display Settings for Microsoft Windows. Changes to your Display Settings will affect other applications beyond QuickBooks.

  1. From the View menu, choose Customize Desktop.

  2. In the Windows Settings area, click Display.

  3. Select options for Desktop Area and Font Size."

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Julie said...

Thank you! It was the resolution - the day before, I had tested out a software program that came with a package of Avery labels and it must have changed the settings on me. It's probably something they warned me about in that long long list of terms that I never take the time to read. :)