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Friday, June 10, 2005

Help Needed!


I work with Africa for Jesus, a non-profit missionary org., and the Office Manager and I are having a problem with our QuickBooks information.

We are under the Non-Profit Navigator section of QuickBooks 2004 ed., and in inputing the support monies under donations (sales receipts), the totals are showing up in the deposits (which they should be) in the check registry, AS WELL AS payments going out. We have looked in the manual and are unable to find assistance with our problem. Christy called the Assistance line for QuickBooks and they said to enter the donations in under Payments Received, yet it is not working correctly, due to another step prior to this one which we have no idea what to do. If there is any way you can help direct us in the right direction or help us find a solution, we would greatly appreciate it very much!!!

Thank you!

Well, have me stumped...I'm not sure that I understand the question completely, but it seems like one of those things that you would have to see to fix. Hopefully, one of our readers may have an explanation.

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If I understand the problem correctly, the donations are showing as outgoing payments in the check register as well as deposits? I'm guessing that this is not apart of the same transaction. If not, what transaction is creating the payment? If so, are you using items with your donors? If so check the posting setup for the the items you are using.

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