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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Exporting Reports to Excel.


Is there a way to export a register to Excel? I'd like a list of say invoices created in May... or sales by month. Reports don't seem to offer what I'm wanting. If I had the register in a spreadsheet, I could create any report I needed.

By the way, THANKS for your blog site!!!


Your very welcome...I have been enjoying it too.

As for exporting reports to Excel, it can be done, and in fact very easily. When you open any report in QuickBooks, there are several buttons in the header of the report such as "Modify Report", "Memorize", "Print", etc. There should also be a button "Export." If you click this button you will be asked how you want to export "a new Excel workbook." You should then be able to format them until your heart is content.

One note however, as I understand it this feature is only available in QuickBooks 2002 Pro or higher. I don't believe that this is available if you have QuickBooks Basic.

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