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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Restore a Backup File.


I have recently lost all of my May invoices. My question is, if I restore my lost May invoices using my back-up files, what will be deleted? The prompt indicates that QB's will permanently delete the files! Which files are they referring to?


When you restore a back up file, everything that was entered after that backup was made will be lost.

The prompt that you are speaking of is warning you that you are restoring the backup file over your current working file. In other words you are replacing your current date with whatever is on your backup. To get rid if this warning, change the name of the file that you are restoring to. For example, if the name of your company file is “Joes Widgets.QBW” then when you restore the backup, restore it to “Joes Widgets NEW.QBW”. QuickBooks should then go ahead and restore you backup. Now you will have both files on your computer…whatever was on your backup and your original file that is missing the May invoices.


QBblogger said...

Erik follows up with this question:

How do you merge the backed-up files that have been renamed, with the original invoices "files"?


You cannot "merge" files. Either you reenter the may invoices, or you use the back up and reenter the information between the date of the back up and now. Sorry, I know this is not what you wanted to hear.

You should try to do back ups of you data often…daily even. You should also take a copy of your back up off site in case of a disaster.

You may consider an online backup service such as the one Intuit offers (Click here for more info.) These services guarantee the security of your data. Hopefully these measures will keep data loss to a minimum.

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