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Friday, May 27, 2005

Invoices posting to Checking Account?


When I create an invoice, it's reflecting the balance due as a debit in my checking account register. I cannot figure out how to "unlink" invoices to my checking account so that they just reflect in Accounts Receivable and other behind-the-scenes reports. What am I missing here?


This is very interesting…I have never seen Invoices post to anything other that accounts receivable.

Let me give you a couple of things to try.

1. Go to your invoice screen. At the top where it says account, make sure the correct accounts receivable account is showing. If for some reason it says checking…change it.

If that doesn’t work…

2. Go into the “EasyStep Interveiw” (File -> EasyStep Interview) that you completed to set-up your file. On the right side of the dialog box, there is a “General” tab. On the top click the “Preferences” tab. Now click previous until you get to a screen that asks if you want to use the cash or accrual method of accounting. Make sure it says accrual.

If that doesn’t work…

3. While still in the “EasyStep Interveiw”, click the “Income Details” tab on the right side. Click next until you get to a screen with the heading “Receipt of Payment”. Make sure that you haven’t selected “Always”…select “Sometimes” instead.

If none of these work then you should probably have someone look at this for you, this should not be happening.


dma said...

Aha -- solution #1 is what I thought should exist, but I can't find the mechanism. The "Account" tab or field doesn't show up on my Invoices screen. I just have Previous, Next, Print, Send, Ship, Find, Spelling, History, time/Costs and Letters. I did check the Accounts Receivable account itself, but it doesn't indicate any connection to the checking account.

I checked the other two tips, also, and my set-up is fine there.

I can't figure this out!

I should have mentioned that I'm in QB Pro 2005.

Thank you for the incredibly quick feedback; maybe someone else has seen this before? dma

dma said...


The Item List items associated with the PO were linked to checking instead of to income account.

Thank you; inquiry closed/withdrawn.

QBblogger said...

Glad you got it!