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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Vendors Entered as Customers.


I’m a brand new user of Quick Books. I have vendors set up in my customer list. How do I delete them from the customer list and put them in as vendors? There are transactions on log for them because they are vendors.



Hopefully, you haven't entered very many of vendors as customers, because you are going to have to re-key all of them.

The best thing to do, would be to print a customer contact list (Reports - Customers & Receivables - Customer Contact List). This will give you most of the information that you will need to key from.

NOTE: QuickBooks will not let you use the same name to describe vendors and customers, so you will have to alter the vendor name slightly (you can let the company name be the same, just not the vendor name field). The easiest thing to do might be to add an ",Inc." to the end or something like this.

After you have entered all the vendors, go to the customer list (Customers - Customer: Job List) and right click on and make inactive all the customers that you have replaced in the vendor list. QuickBooks will not let you delete vendors/customers that have transactions (Which yours do).

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