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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Help Needed.

Here is a question that I have never delt with...maybe you have some ideas.

I changed my service item list, and want to export this from QB to the Timer. I have tried this both from the timer to do an import, and from QB to do an export. Either way, the dialog box does not contain any file that appears to be the service item list. Starting with the timer, the only iif files are actually my exported timer data files. Starting with QB, the iif files are all named COA something (us, 1140, etc.) which I presume is my Chart of Accounts either built in or put on by the consultant who set this up in 1998. This is the first time I have changed my service item files. How do I know which file name is the service item file? How do I make it show up in the dialog box. Not all QB subfolders show up, even when I click "all files."

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