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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Deleting Items from Reminders Overview

An Anonymous poster asks this question:

I just found out about the class drop down that allows my company to track different "areas" of the business so I went back 6 months and put classes on all my invoices, sales receipts, checks, and bills. Now I can make reports to show which "area" of the company earns the most. The bad news is the reminders section is displaying that I have to print out 500 different pieces of paper. The question is how do I delete the reminders from the company screen/ reminder list? Thank you for your time.

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QBblogger said...

I have good news and bad news. The good news is it is very easy to remove these items from the “Reminders List.” The bad news is that it will take considerable time. Remember every invoice, sales receipt, check, and bill you re-classed? Well now you need to go back to each one and unmark the “To be printed” checkbox. One tip to try if you take this route. On the menu bar go to Company --> Reminders, to bring up a list of reminders. Expand the ones that relate to printing. If you double click them, you will be automatically directed to the document in question. From here you can uncheck the "To be printed" box and hit the "save and close" button …Repeat 500 times.

There are several alternatives to this:

1. Go ahead and print the documents. If you select “Print Batch” on each type of document (checks, invoices, etc.) you can do this relatively quickly. However, you will waste a lot of paper and toner. (Depending on what kind of printer you have, you may be able to send the documents to the printer with no paper in the tray, tell QuickBooks it printed properly then delete it out of your print manager. Note: I have never tried this…it’s just a thought.)
2. If you go into the preferences menu (Edit --> Preferences) then on the left side select “Reminders” and go to the “Company Preferences” tab. Here you can tell QuickBooks that you do not want the reminders to print invoices, checks, etc. However, I wouldn’t recommend this unless you never want them again. Because if you turn it back on, you will still have 500 documents to print.

I hope this helps, if you need further help come back and post.